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Book Review #18

We came to half of the year again. Time sure flies fast, especially when you got your thesis defense around the corner. #uhuk
Another shortage with only two books on the list. Nevertheless, let’s check it out!

Tidak Ada New York Hari IniTidak Ada New York Hari Ini
M. Aan Mansyur & Mo Riza

Ada Apa Dengan Cinta was a phenomenal success years ago, so it’s no wonder if the excitement was so high when the sequel was announced to be released this year. I, was one of the many awaiting for it.
But, what could I say, the screen time collided with my defense preparation, so I bought the poems book first to ease my curiosity. I ended up never see the movie instead, LOL.

Frankly speaking, AADC, and Rangga particularly, was one of my reasons back then that started my interest in poems. As a twelve y.o., my definition of poems was limited to what I read in my Bahasa class’ book. And let’s say that’s the old kind ones. But then I saw AADC and..bang! A whole new world of words opened. *overreaction intended

I remembered searching my father’s book shelf for the book Aku, and couldn’t comprehend it at that time. At all. =____=
Then I reread it in my junior high year, and along with that, read some other poets works. So, let’s just say that AADC and its poems has its own charm and history for me.

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Driving Force

What’s your driving force?

What makes you stay awake at night when everyone else sleep?
What makes you didn’t give up when you feel like it?
What makes you take one more step, one more stride?
What makes you telling yourself to keep doing whatever you do?
What makes you stay a little bit longer, try a little bit harder?
What makes you sweat blood and tears and still telling yourself that it’s okay?

What you picture in your mind when you close your eyes,
laying awake in the middle of another sleepless night?



Sidoarjo, July 8th 2016

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Quote Today

Sesungguhnya Allah tidak ridha jika diibadahi dengan kebodohan.
Maka Dia mewajibkan ilmu atas kita; dalam mengenal-Nya, menyembah-Nya, mentaati-Nya, dan melaksanakan aturan-aturan-Nya di segenap kehidupan kita.

Syaikh Mutawalli Asy-Sya’rawi
Dinukil dari Lapis-lapis Keberkahan