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Fourth Semester


here I am. The fourth semester student of  IT Telkom.

In my major, D3TT, it means half way of college life, except you continue the study to Bachelor degree.

First of all, I think three years will be long. Long enough to enjoy it and do many things I can’t do in my Senior High. But I’m totally wrong. It runs as fast as you can expect from three-years-full-of-practical.’s been a year and a half, actually.

Second, and honestly it’s never been my plan before, I wanna finish my study in five semesters, not six. And I surely wanna laugh at myself the time I made it sure. You know, my father banned me to join acceleration class when I’m in Senior High. And here I am, planning to shorten my college study. And he agreed.

So I just thought,

what’s the difference?

Both are ’bout the same: shorten my study time.

Then I think, maybe it’s not just about the study.

It’s about me, his daughter.

In Senior High, I definitely would just have it once.

He, and my mother, wanna made sure that I’d enjoy it, felt it enough as it just once in a life time moment. They didn’t want me to lose my teenage life. And now, they agreed. Maybe because being college student wouldn’t be just once. I can continue it later. But somehow, I feel that it because they believe I’m mature enough to make my own decision. They believe in their child.

How many parents will say the same?

* Written in a full gratitude for having parents like mine.


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