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Twirling Feeling

This week I’ve encountered some amusing human decision. Some in the sort of I don’t understand, at all. The other are the kind that I can predict. Or maybe I myself will take in same position.

I always think that human is the most fascinating observation object. More fascinating than any kind of biological laboratory object. You never can predict exactly what one will do. Thus, they’re never boring.

But, somehow, I felt like I lose some of this observer sense these latest times. I found myself been trapped in the habit of impatience and human rush itself. Not kind of nice thought, honestly. Especially in the time when I don’t needed to be one the most.

In the past, I wouldn’t give it too much care. Let’s say, it’s kind of my own procastination, wandering around my own mind in some kind of unrelated field. But now, I can’t do it anymore, since what I do and what I decide simply not just affect me. And found it out, once again, not always been a nice thought. So many times, I was just hoping to run away and leave. Sometimes, I just think that, “Okay, I’ve had it enough.”

And at those kind of time, these psychological bond, the bond created between me and the people around me; my friends, my organization and laboratory partners, my staffs, my own self, sometimes is the only thing I need to say to myself, “Stand up. You’re the one deciding to walk this way. Walk it. Mean it. Make it worth to remember.”

So here I am. Those bonds are the part that make me who I am now.

Bandung, October 7th 2011
With all grateful for great people surrounding me that YOU sent, God.


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