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Running Man and Country Nationalism

As a planned-procastination for this midterm exams, I dag up my harddisk just to find I’ve seen almost all of the dramas and films stored there. I ended up saw Running Man, a Korean variety show. It’s one of the result of my lab’s social life: gaining new movies, dramas. and entertainment.

Anyway, I found it interesting. Based on five episodes I’ve fully seen and two or three other half-seen while I accompanied my friends, out of sixty six episodes, here are some points why I’m saying it’s worth to see.

1. It’s funny.
Seriously, you’ll find yourself laughing unconsciously. As expected from a variety show: fresh and entertaining.

2. The filming is awesome.
The production process is, we can say, huge. You can see how structured the production team preparation was, how they concerned in detail. One aspect I respect most is the moments arrangements: when the interesting time, emotional one, and such. And all that cameras? Every Running Man member has one following them, in addition of cameras placed in important angles. Count that.

3. The creativity.
All those mass games and the other that we can’t ever imagine. Nice reference for an outbond.

4. Its contribution to South Korea.
First, I’d like to say it’s a very effective way of tourism promotion. Why?
With all these Korean Wave striking the world, or maybe only Indonesia, more and more people are turning their head to any Korean things. Its culture, its language, its entertainment. And as far as I see, Korean themself provides us with all of entertaining aspect of their nation. Adding more reasons for people to take a close eyes to this country.
Running Man itself taking places in different landmarks in every episode. From the episodes I’ve seen, mostly are South Korea national landmark, such as Suwon World Cup Stadium, National Science Museum, Museum of History, etc. Besides of its entertaining aspect, this variety show gives the audiences a direct sight of South Korea inside. No need for commercial break all around the world. Just deliver the show to the other country, and you get people’s eyes on yours.

Second, the nationalism it builds.
As I say, Running Man shows us parts of South Korea, little by little. And not only the landmark its spotted, but also some information about the landmark itself. For example, in Suwon World Cup Stadium, Running Man mentioned about South Korea achievement in football, the country’s hero, their national cheer, and such. It brings up the atmosphere of the landmark. Just wonder you’ve been shown something that gorgeous about your country, won’t it make you feel touched?
The tourism promotion I’ve mentioned before isn’t working only for foreigners, but also for the citizens. Just how many people know about their country Science Museum or Center of Performing Art? Mostly might think as well that those places are boring.
Running Man not only informed them that those places exists, it also made the places looked fun and worth to visit.
And along with all the landmarks Running Man used, it showed the audiences many aspects of the country itself. Sport, science, art, history, technology, education, entertainment, culinary. This variety show made people bound to their nation.

I do wonder if Indonesia can use a way as effective as this one, maybe there’s no need to registering Komodo Island as World’s Seven Wonder or such thing.

Running Man episodes 1-5

Bandung, October 31th 2011


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