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December Decision

I made a life planning, a big and long one.
The range is for the next forty years ahead, starts from this year (I’m twenty one y.o. now), and ends at sixty y.o. Well, I dunno if I can life that long or maybe longer, but I just thought that’s the approximate age.

Why I made it?

I’ve my own plans for my life. Some are well described, another are undecided. Some other’s just half imagined. So I made it. I felt like I need to write down my plans, have proper preparation for it. And more important, I made it as a reminder, so I won’t lose my track.

When I made it, draw each lines of the boxes, write every year I’ll pass, I can’t help but thought, “Wow, forty years really are short when you write it down like this.” Then I was thinking, what will happen in the next forty years. What will I do all that long?

I mean, I can imagine what I’ll do until, let’s say, four or five years ahead. But when I wrote thirty five, I began to think how’ll I look like at the age.
When I wrote forty, I asked myself, “How big my children are?”
When I wrote fifty, I imagined whether I already have a grandchild or not.
And when I wrote the last number, sixty, I saw it for a moment and wondered, will I still be alive at this age?

Those ages that I wrote down, felt very short in one side and very long at another.
All dreams, all decision; will it really come true?
I can’t wait to see those blank boxes filled, but I’m scared too of what may come and happen.
The only thing I believe most is, God is and always be there. And His decision is the best. So, I’ll just work hard, live up my life; and I’ll leave the rest to Him.

Bandung, December 3rd 2011


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