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Book Review #1

One of my resolution this year is to read more books, since this last two year, last year especially, I was totally step out from this old hobby of mine. So, I made a promise to myself  to hold it tight and evaluate it every three months.

This first book review is the list of what I’ve read in January-March 2012. Mostly were books piled up in my shelf, bought long ago or half-read. I decided not to buy another new before finish it all. Another way to stop my own procrastination.

Delapan Mata Air Kecemerlangan

I bought it at April 2010, read it since around the middle of the same year, and finished it at early 2012.
What a record of inconsistence.

Centering in the concept of eight principles to be a human model said as Model Manusia Muslim by its own writer. This book’s enlightening, motivating, and in some ways gives us a different perception of thinking. Every chapter written based on points, and Anis Matta also wrote about each principles analysis and its implementation in our daily. Worth to read and try.

“Model Manusia adalah suatu bangunan kepribadian yang utuh. Bangunan ini memuat visi, misi, jalan hidup, dan nilai-nilai yang seharusnya membentuk paradigma, mentalitas, dan karakter seseorang yang meyakini kebenarannya.”
(Anis Matta)

Dalam Dekapan Ukhuwah
Salim A. Fillah 

The same goes here. Bought since January 2011, and I just read it a year later. Fortunately, I finished it fast enough in a-go.

This one’s main focus is human’s bond in Islam, as said that the strongest brotherhood is the one based on religion; not blood or nation. How we can learn to see from other’s point, understanding them, how to behave to our brother or sister, and the most important, what this bond should be, what this bond can be. Both for human’s behalf and God’s.

Written in the Salim A. Fillah’s style, this book still full of meaningful stories and beautiful lines of words. This style especially made it easier for the reader to get the messages and moral values without felt being taught. As for me, since I love literature, this one suits me well.

Membangun Peradaban Berkeimanan
Anis Matta

The book I borrowed from a friend in BEM, read by me casually in an event at early February and brought home as the result. Brought out in the youth’s perception and their role, including many sides of life.

Setengah Isi Setengah Kosong
Parlindungan Marpaung

To make sure the book I’ll read, I checked my bookshelf and found out that I haven’t finished read this one. I left two or three last part, so I decided to finish it.

No matter how many times I read it, this book still gives me positive feelings and great motivation. Written in chapters, which every one consists of a story and its moral values, it’s very recommended. The simplicity of each chapter makes it easy to grab. You didn’t need to read all the books in one go, honestly. Instead, you can just read one chapter a day and being motivated.

But still, no matter how much books you read or motivations you get, there’s no meaning if you didn’t motivate yourself and do something for real.

In the meantime, there are books I’m reading now:

Serial Cinta
Anis Matta

Another Anis Matta’s book.
It’s a present from my friend around last quarter of 2011. I just read it at this year’s March.

Pemrograman Aplikasi Smartphone dan Tablet PC Berbasis Android
Nazruddin Safaat H.

This one, was bought for  two reasons: my curiosity of my mobile phone and my final project.
Still exploring the content and knowledge.


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