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Project Management; An Art

Started by an instruction from my department chief to change one of my lecture three weeks after this semester began, I entered a fascinating world. It’s called Project Management.

My first impression of the class, and especially the lecturer, was interesting. And this impression remains the same even until today, the last class of the subject in this semester held. The knowledge delivered in the class is very useful, I think. It can be applied not only in managerial officially, but also in our daily life. And especially, for someone with organizational interest, this field will be a good basic.  I keep wondering why this subject isn’t suggested for freshmen curriculum instead of senior’s. For me, being taught about such thing in my early year in university while I still have no experience and managerial basic will be a great help to run the four years I’ll be spending.

Today, my lecturer invited a guest lecturer, a project manager and practitioner expert in this field. The lecture itself was simple, but the topic was interesting. Moreover, for me myself, she gave us another point of view about after-graduating world, a world we’ll all face.

Honestly, being a project manager isn’t something I’ve thought about. I don’t even know yet what all sort of different jobs an engineer can do. Err, well, I haven’t enter the work world itself to be precise. And so, being given another point like that is very delightful for me.

There are some interesting aspects about PM according to me.
1. Being a PM means you need to understand whole aspects of the project, but shouldn’t be very detailed.
A mile wide and inch deep, the lecturer said so. It requires a strong will to learn new things.

2.  A PM should have a great endurance from the long and exhausting project’s burden.
No matter what happen, a PM should be the most cool headed one in team. Regarding to situations, people, and jobs delivered in a project, this burden can be varied to best until worst. And a PM would never know which one will happen, as well as the situation can change very quickly. A emotional and energy management will be needed here.

3. Authority and politic, are two things a PM should able to do.
A PM should use his/her authority wisely, not too loose nor forceful for the team’s need. Politic means no matter whom you’re working with, even if you hate them with all your heart, you shouldn’t let it out. They’re your colleagues, and professionalism is a fixed price.

4.  Something important I grasped from today’s lecturer is: plan everything. Especially your life.
If you haven’t and didn’t used to, learn to. Be a visionary one. Fail to plan is planing failure.

Today, I got another points of life.

Bandung, May 19th 2012


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