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When Even Maternal Instinct Doesn’t Work

So, here’s a movie I saw while sorting out my files two days ago titled Dare Mo Shiranai. I didn’t expect it to be that annoying.

To be honest, it’s the first movie ever annoyed me enough to make me lost appetite. Even seeing movie like Saw Series didn’t take that much from me. And by annoying, I didn’t mean this one as covered in blood, full of torture or suspense things. No. But yes, it’s thrilling for me.

While watching it, I looked up about the movie, and found out it’s based on real event happened in Japan called Sugamo child abandonment case. That page linked with some other similar cases and I ended up reading it all. So yeah, I was really speechless in the end.

Reading the cases of child abandonment, mostly ended up with the child or children being dead, I was seriously frightened. You know why? Most of the times, the one neglecting them are their own mother.

The four children in Dare Mo Shiranai are left behind by their own mother, leaving the eldest brother of twelve years old as the head of the family. And where’s the mother anyway? She’s getting married to another man, away from her children, leaving behind only short amount of money for them surviving for months. Got the reason why I’m annoyed? That’s just one.

As the minutes went in the movie, I was debating with myself. I thought, well, at least the mother didn’t commit abortion and gave birth to the children. Then another thought: but if she ended up leaving them, what’s the point? If she’s going to have them, then raise them properly.

I know perhaps I sound very naive right now. And I know well enough many undetected and unpublished cases similarly are happening everyday out there. Not to mention the stories of children ended up living a harsh life in the road. I understand it well there are many family that simply doesn’t work.

But still, deep inside, I was troubled.

All of my short life, I see maternal instinct as one of the most powerful out of all that human have. Being a mother, giving birth to a child, and raising them up, in my opinion is a one way journey. Once you take it, there’s no such thing as going back. There’s no such thing as giving up.

There are people waiting for years to have one child. There are many keep losing their unborn or infant children. There are so many out there desperately praying to bear one of their own blood.

And yet, in the other hand, there are also many simply dumping their newly born into garbage dump. There are people dare enough leaving their infant in a confined apartment, starving them to death.

We live in a world like this.

I keep asking why. Why things like that happen? Whose fault? I tried to understand the circumstances and failed. People have their own reasons, but for me, children are not to be neglected. They are born bearing no sins. It’s the people around them responsible creating what kind of person they will be, what kind of life they have.

So, please, stop being ignorant. Stop saying I don’t care. In cases like confined children, the neighbors heard the children crying for days but do nothing. In Dare Mo Shiranai, the people in same complex as the children didn’t even realize their presence. Don’t be like them.

I’m not telling you to be nosy and mind other’s business too much. No. But if there are things that you can do to show more care to people around you, please do. Start with your nearest: your family, your neighbors.

Then, perhaps, things happening in this movie can be prevented.

Sidoarjo, September 26th 2013

Dare Mo Shiranai


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