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The Day I Sent You Off

Today I was sending my besties off.

As long as I can remember, we’ve been together for almost half of my life; watching each other’s back as we grown up.

Honestly, I always have this feeling that she’d get married before me, so I’ve been having this image of me listening to her wedding vow beside her for years. And yet, when it really came the time, there’s still so many things running around in my head.

How there are so many things we’ve done together. I recalled how we used to be before, when we’re way lot younger. (We’re still young, just as you know). How so many silly things we admitted in the name of partner of crime.

And I can’t help but felt a little loss.

‘Cause she’s the strangest person I’ve ever met in my life.

Even when I went to another crowded city, I’ve found no one like her. When you think she’d do A, she did B. When you think she’d react B, she gave out Z.
I guess that’s why we’re working out so well all this time, she and I.

We’re both strange.

All these years we’re together, she’s been watching out for me. A lot.
She saw me laughing and crying, happy and angry, being loved and broken hearted.
She’s watching me running and falling and stand up again. Then fell and stood up, again and again.
And most of the time, she’s the one reaching out her hands to help me stand. Most of the time, I seek her out whenever it’s being too hard and unbearable. Even when she didn’t realize it. Even when I’m 700 Km away.

We joke a lot. The harsh kind. And she’s so bright.
So bright that sometimes I can’t stand her brightness and feel like just digging up a cave. But in the end, I always come out. Again.
Have I told you how sly is she?

She knows me better than anyone else.

And during these years, I’ve learned many things from her.
She taught me to love my own self.
She taught me to forgive my own mistakes.
She taught me that being not okay is okay.
She told me to smile more, to laugh more, and not to worry too much about what people say.

So, today, I’d really like to say to her:
I’m sincerely happy for you.

These past eleven years are so much fun.
Live well.

And I think it’ll be very nice if our kids can be friend, too. That way I don’t have to look for reason to come by, ahaha.

So, congratulations on your marriage. Be happy.
I’ll be annoyed if you don’t.

For Sastra Sangga Dhini, in her wedding day
Sidoarjo, December 6th 2013



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