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Book Review #9

The first trimester of 2014 is over already, and I only got to read three books. I don’t want to throw excuse, but yes, my graduate study took a lot of attention lately. All books in this review were read in January, that means I didn’t completely read any books for the whole two months. Another pitfall of reading. #sigh

Really need to rearrange my reading habit, seems. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy the review!


My Stupid Boss: Favorite Stories

My Stupid Boss

Earlier this year I visited my aunts and, as usual, looking into my cousins’ bookshelf. We have the same taste of book, so I usually read their fantasy collection like the case with Percy Jackson, but that time I somehow want to read something different, so I ended up reading this one.

My Stupid Boss series is a daily stories of a multinational company’s secretary somewhere in Malaysia. Her stories of her boss’ acts, her colleagues, and anything happening in her office are told directly from her point of view. This book is simply funny, and trust me, many things happening in this book might happen as well to many workers out there.

What I like about this one, instead of the jokes, is how the author see through things. She can turn anything into something to laugh about. Furthermore, we can learn about work ethics. She’s distressed, but we can clearly see that she’s a qualified worker, and that makes her having a certain bargaining position towards her boss. And, well, working world is literally harsh, though its level may vary. Another interesting thing is, through this book, we can learn about the cultural diversity in another country.

Worth to read to release some stress, about..your boss, maybe?

Tere Liye

I’ve bought this one about..May 2011 and just finished it in January 2014, wkwk.. It was a serious delay, Elianamainly because I stopped after reading one or two chapters, and it went on for three years.

Eliana is the fourth book of Serial Anak-anak Mamak by Tere Liye and mainly focused on Eliana, or called Eli by her family, the eldest of four siblings. She’s brave, strong willed, and smart. And very fierce, too. There’s no back for her once she’s heading on.

Following her days and the stories about her surroundings, we can’t help but being reminded of our childhood. The problems rising in this book are the reflection of many people’s. It’s very simple, natural, and real. Things like siblings’ quarrel, competition between classmates, disappointment of our parents; it’s all something we all felt. Therefore, you might find yourself smiling or having a sense of nostalgic while reading the lines.

But, of course, the book is not just about that. Through his lines, the author presenting a big problem about environment: how people taking advantages from the earth without being concerned about its future. In the name of industrial needs and modernity, human destroy forest, soil, water, and air. But what will we leave for our children? Through Eliana and her friends’ eyes, we are forced to see this reality.

Anak Semua Bangsa
Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Anak Semua BangsaAfter reading Bumi Manusia, I was determined to read the rest of Tetralogi Buru. The only problem is, those books are really hard to find since it’s been published for quite long. So, after throwing a book hunt everywhere, I got this one.

The second book of Tetralogi Buru, this one following Minke’s life after Annelies being deported to Netherland. Another problems arose, including the arrival of Annelies’ step brother, Ir. Mellema.

Just like the first book, Anak Semua Bangsa portrays society’s condition at that time. How the difference in treatment and social status between Indonesia’s native, the Europeans, the Chinese, and another part of the society. How the cultural condition began to change not only in Indonesia, but also in many other Asia’s countries. How, once again, written ideas is a very powerful tools to persuading people.

I must say that the scope of problems in this book has broaden from the previous one. In Anak Semua Bangsa, the author presenting his concerned not only for Indonesia, but also for Asia’s countries, Europe, and the world movement.

One of my favorite part is in the end of the book, where Ir. Mellema is being confronted by Minke, Nyai Ontosoroh, and their friends. We can clearly see how scary people judgment is, even for a strong and competent person.

Simply put, this book is really worth to read. =)

Sidoarjo, April 1st 2014


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