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Butterfly Effect

There’s a chaos theory called butterfly effect. It’s said, in a simple way, that one small thing can affect other things in a great way. Or simply put, a very small change in present condition can lead to a very different outcome. There are a lot of examples about it everywhere, from movies to daily life, from the origin of a hurricane to your late coming to work.

The most interesting, or maybe frightening, aspect about this theory is, you would never know for sure what change made the effect. Since everything is connected in a way or another in this world. Just like a hurricane can be affected by a butterfly’s flapping wings, so does our life.

The second thing came to my mind is, not every change is for the better. Despite my believe that there’s no coincidence in this world, seeing one real-life example about how one’s action can greatly affect other’s life is somehow totally different from watching it in movies. How an action, a word, a decision of a person can totally destroy other’s chance; can totally burn other’s hope.

I do believe that everything happens for a reason in our life, whether it’s the good or the bad. We met certain person for certain things, we experienced certain things for certain reasons. And therefore, realizing this, I think we should be more aware of our actions and words, since we would never know how it would affect others. Maybe not in a way of restricting ourselves, but to put more consideration into people around us.

Just like a smile or a warm word can brighten our day, a harsh one can darken other’s.

Sidoarjo, December 24th 2014


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